Founding Artists

Founding artists represent the core members that helped build trick from the very beginning.  These artists spent time testing and developing the very first products and helped bring them into the venues, studios and homes of many of the people that play our products every day. They deserve both our respect and our warmest thanks and admiration for all of the hard work they have done and continue to do.

Kit Artists

This is our highest level of endorsement.  Many of these artists play the full line of Trick products and have played a major role in recruiting other artists and customers. Many of these artists either educate or perform most days of every calendar year and have a devoted and driven approach to playing drums and supporting Trick.

Pedal Artists

Pedal artists play one of the the Trick pedals exclusively.  These pedals include the Pro 1-V, the Pro 1-V Bigfoot and the Dominator. Pedal artists play a unique role within the Trick artist ranks as they have decided to up the game by moving to the most competitive and best-built pedals in the industry.

Pedal & Trigger Artists

 These artists tour, practice, and/or do session work with  our SB1 Trigger system attached to their pedals. There is no false triggering due to mounting the laser on the pedal to detect movement. It measures the distance the pedal moves (velocity) and measures the speed the pedal stops at impact (threshold). This data is sent to brain to detect how you're using your pedal and creates an appropriate signal. and can do it independently to avoid cross-talk.